Where the chapter of the story begins

 “Been there, done that ” recalled around like traveling through the time, through many stories, through various experiences in different forms.
Wondered . . .
Have we ever walked in parallel with somebody from the other part of the world?
Wondered . . .
Have we ever coincidentally orbited to meet someone somewhere without come up to each other?
Recalled to the old day’s sky which so blue will the sky keep remaining that blue?
Recalled to the old day’s sea which so clear will the sea keep remaining that clear?
Will the place . . . . where we have been to remain the same?
Recalled for the day . . . .will we think the same way of keeping the world goes slow?
An Everlasting Cycle

PEDZ x SANRIO The Special Collaboration
to Celebrate BAD BADTZ-MARU 28th Anniversary,
The first time XO collaborate with Thai Brand
for Limited Edition.

When we think about the culmination of “cute ” Sanrio characters definitely come to our mind. BAD BADTZ- MARU is one of the characters from Sanrio, the naughtiest and the most adorable as Penguin with spiky hair. 

Latest Sanrio has partnered on an exclusive collaboration with PEDZ to release the collection campaign PEDZ x BAD BADTZ- MARU on the occasion of BAD BADTZ – MARU’s 28th anniversary.
The collection’s campaign BAD BADTZ-MARU in various actions in the signature stroke painting of PEDZ’s brand; embracing the world’s cutest with the conceptual art: oriental, anime, avant-garde while remaining in the most selves authentic.

Focusing on the moment of having fun, hanging out, and playing with friends. The whole imagery embraces BAD BADTZ-MARU with PEDZ’s brand signature paintings (e.g, Zinnia Camouflage, and The mount) on streetwear items such as t-shirt, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tote bags, just about to turn every activity into exciting experiences with friends. The artworks transferred into textile prints and the patterns were delicately designed piece by piece, featured with hand painting strokes, welcoming the customers into the world of PEDZ.

The Special Collaboration Project

To emphasize the importance of environmental sustainability; to reduce the environmental impact to protect nature and improve the quality of our lives comparable to the sustainable friendships.

Celebrate the occasion of XO’s 28 years with positive drive, celebrate an everlasting cycle together. Through this special collaboration project, BAD BADTZ-MARU takes us inside the story behind the collection, where the neglected are turned into new materials, plastic bottles are regenerated into a new yarn, and overproduction and deadstock textiles are brought back into life.

Since textile waste products are gathered from different sources and printed with eco-friendly ink, the printed images may produce different colors tints, and tones than we might expect even which create individual unique pieces as a result.