PEDZ is the creative & craft lifestyle brand; the brand’s original hand painting fuses with artisan skilled where the individual intricate prints from eco-friendly ink are leading us into the story behind the principle of sustainability and a circular economy: The neglected from textile industries are brought up to life as        a unique piece that transcending the boundaries of the art genres.

We aim to be a part of taking responsibility for reducing the environmental impact. We intend to move further away from the linear supply chain and go for a circular economy where the beauty of leftover materials, deadstock, or even the beautiful wastes that once were in demand regenerated by creativity and design in our products category, as well as the hand printing processes part where the original artworks are delicately printed with eco-friendly ink helping to protect nature together protect human being living as the same time and artisan craftmanship tradition is always continuous support in a part of our designs collection.

Outfit, the wearable art where the authentic outfit model is built piece by piece, each single pattern piece is individualized, each one is a unique art-piece with its distinguished character as a belief that aesthetic can heal, the own visual art language: the storytelling through clothing define  PEDZ as  Contemporary chic with Art Smart and Fun.